The Tree of Tule (or Arbol del Tule in Spanish) is known as the world’s largest tree by mass, and is a great half-day trip that you can take from Oaxaca City.

Arbol del Tule | Nomadic Bones

Whilst knowing that it is the largest tree by mass in the world makes it interesting enough, it is also good to visit to see the surrounding town of Santa María del Tule, and to support the locals who look after (ie: water) the tree and its surrounding gardens through your low entrance fee of 10 peso (although if you wish to forgo this fee you can see the tree quite well from outside the gate – we recommend not to do this as the entrance fee helps to keep the tree alive).

Arbol del Tule | Nomadic Bones

Here are the numbers to go by

First impressions are of what a wonder this place is, and how well kept both the tree and surrounding gardens are. The nearby church and colonial-style buildings are also impressive, and there are of course markets and shops with traditional goods available to complete your half-day trip. We recommend buying so cacao from the indoor markets, which is both cheap and delicious!

Arbol del Tule | Nomadic Bones

Overall a few hours at this place is definitely long enough, and leaves you plenty of time in your day to head back into Oaxaca City and continue exploring.

There are a few ways in which to get out to Arbol del Tule, with each being great for the budget but of course with differences based on your individual situation.

Taxi: We caught a taxi out here as we were in a group of 4 (meaning we filled the taxi) and economically it made sense. A taxi should charge no more than 50 peso for each one-way trip, as long as you are catching it from the right area.

The place to go to catch a taxi is the Periférico, where you will see taxi’s coming in and out with different destinations in their windshield. Keep a look out for one saying ‘Tule’, and then negotiate your fare.

Bus: This is the other option to get to Tule, and you should pay about 7 peso from the Boulevard Jose Vasconcelos. This may be a slightly slower ride, but just as easy as getting a taxi and a great option if you aren’t in a group.

Arbol del Tule is certainly worth a visit, and the low cost of reaching it is another added bonus. Enjoy it!

Arbol del Tule | Nomadic Bones