Hot Springs Cacheuta

There are termas or hot springs near Mendoza which are easily accessible without a tour by taking public transport. And once you arrive at the point of wanting to try something different from wines and wineries (not that you could ever get sick of that!), why not relax in the great pools at Cacheuta?

Taking a day trip is relatively easy, and if you get an early enough start you could easily spend an entire day resting in the different pools until well into the afternoon. To do so, you need to do the following:

How to Get to Cacheuta

View from the Hot Springs

Cacheuta itself is the town you will be going to, with the hot springs named after it. The journey is around an hour, and winds it’s way through hills and over rivers towards your final destination.

To begin, you should check out the website Plataforma 10 and see what times the buses depart from Mendoza. The company that goes to Cacheuta is called Buttini, and they usually have some morning departures between 8 and 11 and then a few afternoon returns being around 3:30 and 6:30.

What this means is that you will usually arrive out at the hot springs before midday, and stay until the 3:30 bus. This is more than enough time to enjoy the hot waters and relax for half a day.

Make your way to the bus station in Mendoza, which for us was around a 20 minute walk through the autumn trees and streets. Once you arrive, find the Buttini ticket office (yellow and blue logo) and make sure you buy a return ticket- this makes things much easier on the way home as you do not have to worry about making correct money with the driver.

The return ticket should cost no more than 70ARS, making for a cheap journey to and from the termas.

Once on the bus, stay on board until the very last stop (everyone will get off), which is on the town of Cacheuta and a few minutes walk from the springs.

Using the Hot Springs

Outdoor Termas

Follow the crowd heading to the hot springs, which is a 2-3 minute walk past some restaurants before you reach the entrance.

Once you arrive, you will have to pay your entry fee of 130 peso which gives you access to all of the pools and outside areas (including water slides!). You can pay the 130ARS with card if you like, and can also add on additional extras such as a buffet lunch or massage for an extra cost.

Termas Cacheuta Prices

Hours and Prices (as of July 2017)

When you go inside, you can rent a locker for 100ARS, 50 of which you get back when you return the key. We set ourselves up with some food and drink before arriving, storing it in the locker to have a picnic after. As backpackers we could not afford the buffet (no matter how delicious it looked!), so the option to bring food and store it was exactly what we needed.

Enjoying the Termas

Now that we had arrived and were ready to go, we set out to explore the different pools and just relax.

Cacheuta Hot Springs

There are many different pools to choose from, with the hotter ones being indoors. The outdoor pools are a lot larger, and still warm if you want to enjoy the flowing river next to the site.

Water Slide Cacheuta Termas

For us, we wanted to enjoy the HOT springs, and mostly stayed indoors whilst it rained outside. We ended up being immersed in the pools for around 4 hours, taking breaks to eat and trying not to cook too much! It was definitely a relaxing afternoon and one we would repeat often if possible!

Heading Back to Mendoza

Once you’ve showered and changed, head back out to the road where you originally arrived and wait for the bus to arrive. We found it waiting for us 10 minutes before its departure time, so we hopped on and waited.

Buttini Bus to Cacheuta

The bus waiting for us

After another hour on the bus, we arrived back in Mendoza to the bus terminal and walked back to our accommodation- easy.

Tips for the Cacheuta Hot Springs

Having been to many termas over our travels, there are some things everyone should bring to ensure you are prepared. We recommend the following:

  • Bring a pair of thongs or flip flops to make it easy to walk between pools
  • Take lots of water with you, it is very easy to become dehydrated from the hot water
  • If the hot springs allows (like Cacheuta), bring a picnic to save on expensive food on site
  • Remember a change of clothes, and a plastic bag for your wet items!

Bubbling Hot Springs

And there we go, a full guide on going to the Cacheuta Hot Springs near Mendoza! We had a great time and the pools were really top class especially considering you are in South America and are paying all of $8US to access the pools. We hope you enjoy your time there!

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Taking a Day Trip to the Cacheuta Hot Springs