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Travelling by bus in Argentina is practically a luxury, with many websites available for scheduling and buy tickets online. In addition, long bus rides become easy and many companies offer great services including food and anything from a comfortable seat to a bed.

We took many buses throughout Argentina (and in all of Central and South America) and we would say it was be easiest country to deal with in terms of access to information and comfort. To help out other travellers like us, here are some great resources and recommendations for companies to take to make taking buses in Argentina even easier:

Online Resources

1. Plataforma 10

Plataforma 10

Plataforma 10 is THE resource for when travelling by bus in Argentina. There is nothing that comes close to this site, which compiles the best bus companies for short and long routes and provides schedules, prices, and the number of seats left.

You can also book through this website (or it will redirect you to where you can), though you will be charged an exorbitant fee, especially if you are a foreigner.

Simply put this website is number one, and is not something you will find outside of Argentina unfortunately.

2. Andes Transit

Andes Transit

Andes Transit ( is another great website for schedules and ticketing, but one that can theoretically be used for all of South America.

Unfortunately not all companies are represented through their site, so it is better used as a quick resource to see if a route is possible (and approximate pricing) before researching further either online or at a bus terminal

3. Rome2Rio


Rome2Rio has been around for a long time now, and also is available as an app for iPhone or Android. Basically, you put in your route and their system is meant to compile the best routes including driving, buses, planes, and taxis.

Much like Andes Transit, this site is pretty useful for seeing if your route is possible, and was actually also pretty good at obscure routes to towns that are not visited as often.

4. BusBud


BusBud makes up the last of the sites we frequent looking for bus options, and usually does a pretty decent job of finding companies and routes.

You can also book through BusBud if you like, however it is not the best ‘accumulator’ out there and we would recommend booking directly with the company you want to take after finding information on BusBud.

Recommended Companies

There are more than a few big players in the bus market in Argentina, and after having taken some of the buses there are a few that we would recommend. We found that beyond knowing if the company is good it is valuable to also ask exactly what you are getting when you book your ticket (eg. food, seat type etc.).

1. Andesmar

Luxury bus in Argentina own screens

We took Andesmar a number of times a number of times, being in anything from a semi-cama to a full on executive suite. They ended up being one of the most consistent and probably best bus company we used in Argentina.

Luxury bus in Argentina reclining seats

Of course they weren’t always the cheapest (and we didn’t take them when they were not), though when we did take them we knew we’d get food, hopefully movies that weren’t too loud, and sometimes even our own TV screens (ooh la la!).

2. Via Group (Via Bariloche, Via TAC etc.)

Via Bariloche

Via are well established in Argentina and pretty much do most of the routes you could think of from north to south. The majority of the time we had a great time on their buses, with some really good food as well, however depending on the bus you may be subjected to loud movies! This could happen with any company though so we can’t really push all the blame onto Via!

Via Bariloche Luxury

3. Chevallier

Chevallier covers most of the centre of Argentina with their buses and offer similar services to the other big names. You can choose from semi-cama, cama, and an executive service and from what we could tell they had top of the line buses available.

Chevallier Bus

We never ended up taking Chevallier as their prices were always slightly higher than the other companies (or the same without food), but we have heard good things about their service.

4. Flecha Bus

Flecha Bus

Flecha also covers a lot of the centre of Argentina, though they also head into the north as well (including into the Salta provice). We constantly saw Flecha buses pulling in at the bus terminals we were at, and all looked to be in good service.

Once again you can choose between the 3 different service options and the majority of their services do include food!


CATA Internacional

CATA was an option for us when we were travelling from Bariloche to Mendoza, and again from Mendoza to Cordoba. However, we never ended up travelling with them as other companies kept offering promotional fares that ended up being cheaper than what CATA could offer.

CATA International Seats

We heard they were a good company, and they also offer services to get into Chile which is an added bonus if you are heading that way.

Hopefully this short guide can help you in your travels throughout Argentina, as these resources were a constant help to us in trying to figure out how to get to the next destination. It was reassuring that the bus network was so well developed in Argentina, especially considering how expensive it is to fly there!

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How to Travel by Bus in Argentina