Animal Kingdom | Nomadic Bones

Disney’s Animal Kingdom was one of our favourite parks, and not just for the rides. And whilst we don’t condone the locking up of animals for human enjoyment, the offset of the preservation fund and the rehabilitation within Animal Kingdom seems to be doing good work. Many times throughout your visit you will be reminded of the work that the Disney team is doing here, including a great tour (alongside Rafiki from the Lion King) for kids to learn all about saving the planet as best they can.

Probably our favourite activity we were able to do whilst visiting here was a sunset Kilimanjaro Safari (and the “Flights of Wonder” bird show – we can’t just choose one favourite!), which we highly recommend you try. To ensure that you are able to access the safari without waiting (the wait time was consistently at 1 hour throughout the day), we recommend getting to the attraction within the first hour of park opening, or booking a fast pass at least a few days in advance.

To celebrate the great times us nomads had on this tour and at Animal Kingdom, here are some photos of what you can expect to see and find when visiting:

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As the pictures show, you’ll have a great time at Animal Kingdom. Just make sure you take in all of the shows (Nemo and the Lion King are a must), and one of the best rides we experienced at Disney – the Everest Expedition ride! Enjoy, and please comment if you have any questions for any hints and advice for visiting Animal Kingdom. Adios!