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After completing the ATM cave tour in San Ignacio, we wanted to find some cheap and free things to do to help the budget.

Belize can be cheap, however the adventure tours in San Ignacio are quite expensive (despite how fun and well run they are). That’s not to say that there aren’t good cheap and free things around, and we were able to find many whilst staying in town. These included:

Farmers Market

Farmers Market San Ignacio

A staple of any Central or South American town, the farmers market in San Ignacio is no different. Come by anytime until around 4pm to find anything from fruit and vegetables, traditional clothing, to sunglasses and food!

Come on a Saturday for ‘market day’ when the most stalls are open and people come from all around to sell their wares.

Swimming (and rope swing) at Branch Mouth

Branch Mouth San Ignacio

A little known spot about 20 minutes walk from San Ignacio is a point at which two rivers meet (hence the name branch mouth).

Follow branch mouth road all the way out of town and continue following it (it becomes a dirt road) until you come to the meeting spot of the two rivers, also used as a crossing to the town of Santa Familia.

Branch Mouth Rop Swing San Ignacio

Once here, you can easily float around in the fresh water (being careful of the current) or grab the rope swing for a bit of fun! Come here on the weekend and if you are lucky the tube rental spot will be open allowing you to walk upstream and float down the river back to branch mouth.

A Walk to Sweet Ting

Sweet Ting Cheap Eats

Sweet Ting is a great little shop up the hill from San Ignacio that sells a lot of different cakes and slices, for sweet tooth’s like us it was a must see. We got a massive slice of cake each for under $6US (total), amazing!

Make your way up “insert street here” and keep going until you reach the top of the street. Sweet Ting is on your left at the top!

Explore the Main Streets

You can easily spend an afternoon walking the main few streets around the centre of San Ignacio. There are many different shops, restaurants, and bars offering some great things.

San Ignacio Explore the Streets

Our personal favourite was a Rastafarian themed shop selling jewellery and other Jamaican-style products.

Xunantunich Ruins


These are some great ruins located a short way away from San Ignacio towards the Guatemalan border. In comparison to the closer ruins of Cahal Pech, Xunantunich is cheaper ($10BZ OR $5US), has less people, and is at least equally as impressive.

To get there, catch any bus heading for the border town of Benque Viejo del Carmen for $2BZ ($1US), or if you can get a taxi for the same price per person take it instead. Get off the bus at the village of San Jose Succotz in order to cross the river via a hand-operated cable winched ferry. From here the ruins are an approximate 2km walk away.

Iguana Rescue Centre

Iguana Rescue Centre San Ignacio

Thank you to .tafo. on Flickr for the image

The San Ignacio Resort Hotel hosts the Iguana Rescue Centre within San Ignacio, helping these near-endangered creatures whilst also offering access and tours to the public.

Come on by for under $10US and see these amazing creatures, and don’t worry, they’re not as scary as they look!

Have you been to San Ignacio before and spent all of your money on adventure tours? What did you decide to do post-adventure – let us know!

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