Dominical Beach Sunset

Dominical on the pacific coast of Costa Rica made us fall in love with this particular coast line, however with the ever rising costs of Costa Rica, we found ourselves looking for cheap activities and day trips in the area to save some money.

Luckily for us there are numerous options just steps from the beachside hostels in this amazing town that allow you to relax and find adventure all in the same day! Here are 5 quick options for you whilst you spend time in Dominical:

1. Go to the Beach

This is the most obvious option whilst in Dominical, as you have obviously come here to see some of the pristine beaches that Costa Rica has to offer.

Dominical Beach Sunset

Dominical is no different in this respect with kilometres of coast to explore. You can take a swim or just relax on the sand, with one of the biggest highlights for us being the sunset at the end of each day here; it is not to be missed!

Many times we found ourselves watching the sun disappear with a beer in hand, before strolling into town for dinner.

2. Dinner at Soda Nanyoa

It’s always good to have a good restaurant recommendation for a new town, especially when you need to budget! Not many hostels in town offer up kitchen for cooking, meaning we went into town each night for a feed. Fortunately for us, Soda Nanyoa offers up a reasonably priced menu with what we think was some of the best food in town.

We had one of the best burgers of our trip here, with many other options (including spaghetti that we also regularly crave!) available.

3. Visit Uvita Waterfall

Uvita Waterfall

Day trips from Dominical are varied and many, but one of the best for us was a trip to Uvita Waterfall a short walk outside of where the bus drops you off in Uvita.

Taking one of the many buses from Dominical to Uvita throughout the day, you will then be dropped off on the main road above the town of Uvita. From here, just make your way up the road away from town (map below) to the waterfall. The best thing about this trip is that to enter and swim in the waterfall you only need to pay the equivalent of $2US!

Sliding down Uvita Waterfall

We had such a great time here swimming, cliff jumping, and even sliding down the natural slide that has been created by the waterfall itself. We would also recommend trying one of the delicious fruit smoothies available to purchase at the entrance point to the waterfall.

4. Surfing at Playa Dominical

The pacific coast of Costa Rica including a Dominical supplies some great waves (and some terrible ones at times but oh well!) for beginners and experts. Head to one of the many rental locations in town and for as little as $10US for the day you can surf as much or as little as you want while also relaxing on the beach.

Playa Dominical

We ended up sharing a board between us, halving the price and allowing us to polish up on the lesson we had previously had in Mexico. We might not be getting that much better but there is something about riding a wave (no matter the size) that is freeing!

5. Donation Yoga at Danyasa

Once a week, Danyasa offers a donation based yoga class, allowing all travellers to come together and to experience the wonderful teachings on offer. Danyasa has a wonderful half-outside, half-inside space for their classes, with Rach thoroughly enjoying the beginner to intermediate class on offer.

The Palms of Dominical

The donation classes take place regularly, with more information available on their website here.

Uvita Waterfall Downstream

Whatever you decide to do whilst in Dominical, we know you will enjoy it as much as we did. There is such a great vibe in town, giving you the choice of whether you spend your time relaxing the days away, doing something more adventurous, or a combination of both!

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