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The Delicious Food of Tulum

Tulum Street Art

Tulum is starting to get pretty big for tourism, however it’s still renowned for its hippy-esque and yoga style vibes. Because of this, Tulum is a culinary delight, and if you stray from the beaten path you will find many foodie goods!

Here’s our top eats during our travels through Tulum:

1. Raw Love

Organic, vegan delights. Coming from working with organic and healthy foods, I crave juices and vegetables on the road (when I can’t stomach anymore tacos!). Raw Love didn’t disappoint- they have fresh pressed juices, smoothies, vegan and vegetarian meals and smoothie bowls (my weakness).

Raw Love Tulum

It’s not aimed at a backpackers budget, however if you’re down to treat yo’self I’d highly recommend getting an açai or smoothie bowl. I had the cacao coconut which was gigantic (yes!) and cost 150MXN pesos. Raw Love is based out of the Hotel Ahau Villa on the beach front. It’s accessible to anyone from the public and is about a 30 minute bike ride from town. An added bonus is that it comes with free WiFi!

2. The Street Burrito Lady (Burritos Street Tulum)

This lady and her husband set up a typical street food cart from around 6pm each night on the corner of Avenida Tulum and Calle Osiris Sur (across from the town square and plaza. The burritos are amazing!

Made fresh with local ingredients she offers beef, chicken, pork, smoked pork, vegetarian and vegan (and an English menu for the gringos!).

Street Burrito Tulum | Nomadic Bones

The burritos are massive and cost between 60-80MXN pesos, depending on your filling. Enjoy your warm burrito sitting in the ironing board dining area, taking in the street atmosphere!

NOTE: there is also a legitimate burrito place, Burrito Amor, this place wasn’t bad but a little more expensive and not as good as this lady on the street, but they do offer breakfast burritos.

3. Pizza Manglar

An absolute hidden gem on the outskirts of town, this place is definitely worth the walk. They only offer pizzas and they know how to do it right for both vegetarians and carnivores.

Pizza Manglar | Nomadic Bones

Cooked in a wood fire oven, the pizzas all cost 100MXN pesos and are generous enough to share between two (so 50MXN pesos each). If you can squeeze in dessert we’d recommend their Nutella dessert pizza.

4. Antojitos La Chiapaneca

This traditional Mexican place is packed full of locals each night. Get there early to avoid queuing out the front (they open at 5pm, but anytime before 7pm should guarantee you a table straight away).

Antojitos La Chiapaneca

Typical tacos, empanadas, carne asada, sopes and much more are on offer. The food is fresh, delicious & the cheapest dinner yet, costing 35MXN pesos for 5 tacos!

Antojitos La Chiapaneca

Enjoy a local bebida (drink) of jamaica (hibiscus flower drink) or horchata (sweet rice milk)!

5. El Camello Jr’s

This place is known for its freshly caught seafood abd is on point for fish lovers. Upon arrival you are offered a huge plate of fresh, hot, (and most importantly, free) tortillas to munch on while you order.

The idea is to share a ‘banquet’ between two, as the fish costs 100MXN pesos for a small ceviche (50MXN peso each). If you’re not into seafood, they offer huge nachos and vegetarian options as well. Definitely worth a look!

¡Que te aproveche, amigos! Leave a comment with your own recommendations for the next time we’re in Tulum!

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  1. OMG YUM. I can’t wait to have my first Mexican street food. I’ll be visiting and doing some long term slow travel next year. I pinned this so I’ll remember when the time comes to visit Tulum.

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