Lagos, Portugal | Nomadic Bones

The beaches of Lagos could easily be described as some of the most beautiful in Europe, and even the world. Walking and exploring the cliffs surrounding Lagos is an experience in itself, but once you make your way down to the sandy beaches around the town, you begin to wonder why you don’t live here permanently. Here are a list of the 5 best beaches in Lagos, Portugal:

1. Praia do Pinhão

Praia do Pinhão, Lagos, Portugal | Nomadic Bones

Praia do Pinhao is one that is easily missed if you don’t see the sign, and is one of the first beaches you reach after leaving the main area of Lagos. You will descend many steps to get down to this small section of beach, although it does also connect through one of the many tunnels you’ll notice adorn most Lagos beaches to another section of sand.

The appeal in this beach is that many people seem to have missed the entrance to it, or chose to move towards other beaches such as Batata or Dona Ana (more famously known). This meant that the area was a lot more deserted and it gave some privacy that is usually reserved for some of the beaches furthest away from Lagos town.

I would implore you to give the stairs a go, even for the novelty!

2. Praia da Batata

Known as ‘town beach’, this is the closest beach to Lagos town centre, right on the edge of its borders. The appeal to this area are the sights to be seen – you are presented with a sheltered area with an ancient fortress (the Forte Ponta da Bandeira) right next to you, giving you an idea of the rich history of this area.

This is a great area for families not looking to trek too far from the main centre, and for the hungover groups thinking of the same thing. A nearby cliff-side beach bar will satiate your hunger and thirst, and also give you some elevation for some great views.

3. Praia da Dona Ana

Dona Ana is a good stop in the middle of the walk or drive between Lagos town centre and Camilo Beach, and offers a large sandy area surrounded by cliffs and the spectacular views of the offshore rocks. Whilst the walk down from the cliffs is not as steep or long as some of the other beaches, it is still a trek to get down the wooden steps to your destination. The reward however is well worth it.

The beach also offers a few small shops and hotels, as well as a restaurant for snacks in-between sunbaking and swimming.

4. Praia do Camilo

Praia do Camilo, Lagos, Portugal | Nomadic Bones

Camilo Beach is probably one of the most picturesque beaches in the region, and the above picture looks to describe just a small portion of that ‘image’. Located a few kilometres out of town, this is either a good walk along the cliffs from Lagos or an easy drive depending on your situation.

A restaurant / bar is located above this beach, and also acts as a great viewpoint out over the ocean. Once you reach this beach down the wooden stairs, you’ll realise why you made the trek out to here.

5. Praia de Porto de Mós / Praia do Canavial

Praia de Porto de Mos, Lagos, Portugal | Nomadic Bones

Praia de Porto de Mos and Praia do Canavial are the furthest from Lagos town centre, around the corner from the famous lighthouse.

Whilst they are both accessible from Porto de Mos itself, another novel way to explore these mostly empty beaches is to kayak around the cliffs until you reach them.

Moving in and out of the caves, your adventurous side will be satisfied, and so will your arms! Once you reach these two great beaches (side-by-side), you’ll be thankful for a lay in the sun and that the crowds are safely battling for a spot in the sand closer to town!