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Taking a Day Trip to Cacheuta Hot Springs

Hot Springs Cacheuta

There are termas or hot springs near Mendoza which are easily accessible without a tour by taking public transport. And once you arrive at the point of

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Cuenca Panorama

Visiting The Other Baños in Ecuador


After having been to the famous town of Baños in Ecuador something strange happened…we passed through

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Nomadic Bones

Adventure Time in Baños

Baños is famous for being the adventure capital of Ecuador and it certainly lives up to this by supplying

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Hiking the Colca Canyon Panorama

Hiking the Colca Canyon

View of the Colca Canyon

The Colca Canyon located near Arequipa is a great hiking adventure, with the best tour to be done over 2 days and 1 night.

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Header Image Nicaragua Costa Rica Border Crossing

The Wilderness of La Fortuna

Costa Rica La Fortuna Views

It’s easy to find things to do and see in La Fortuna, you are surrounded by hot springs, volcanoes, and nature! It was these places that

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