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Beach Costa Rica Panorama

Caribbean Costa Rica: Cahuita and Puerto Viejo

Crab at Cahuita National Park

The Cahuita and Puerto Viejo region on the Caribbean coast offered us one last chance

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Beach Costa Rica Panorama

5 Things to Do in Dominical for Backpackers

Dominical Beach Sunset

Dominical on the pacific coast of Costa Rica made us fall in love with this particular coast line, however with the ever rising costs of

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Beach Costa Rica Panorama

Taking the Bus from Jaco to Manuel Antonio National Park

Playa at Maneul Antonio

Doing a trip or a day trip on the bus to Manuel Antonio can be easily done from Jaco, allowing you to stay in the cheaper town of Jaco whilst also

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Ometepe Island Panorama

Seeking Tranquility on Ometepe Island

Ferry Ometepe

Ometepe Island looms up at you as you take the ferry across, and the laid-back hippy nature then hits you when you reach the shore.

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La Guajira Where the Desert Meets the Sea

La Guajira: Where the Desert Meets the Sea

The Beach Cabo de la Vela

A tour or excursion in Colombia that is becoming more popular involves heading to the desert in the north known as “La Guajira”

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San Juan del Sur

Beach Paradise in Nicaragua: San Juan del Sur

Welcome to San Juan del Sur

It’s true what they say, San Juan del Sur is a bit of a party town (and home to the infamous “Sunday Funday”), but there is so much more to it than that.

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Flores Guatemala

Things to do and See on Isla de Flores

Bienvenidos Flores

Flores in Guatemala offers much to see and do including incredible street food, nightlife, restaurants

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Playa Ancon in Trinidad

Trinidad, Cuba: What To See, Eat, and Do

Trinidad Cuba Fidel Castro

Trinidad in Cuba is a wonderful colonial town with cobblestone streets and many interesting options of things to do, places to eat, and activities

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Tulum Food | Nomadic Bones

The Delicious Food of Tulum

Tulum Street Art

Tulum is starting to get pretty big for tourism, however it’s still renowned for its hippy-esque and

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Puerto Escondido | Nomadic Bones

The Beauty of Sleepy Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido | Nomadic Bones

The primary reason for our visit to Puerto Escondido was to get onto the beach

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